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Sharoj.com gathers proffesionals with a diverse and extensive background and more than 12 years of experience developing and customizing I.T. products and technology on demand under our clients brands with local production in factories and engineering companies throughout Asia. We can offer from the printing of your own brand in accessories and computer components (OEM) to a new product development using the same R+D formula used by the big computer companies: Designed by the customer - manufactured in Asia. This web will show you the latest news on customizable products directly from the manufacturer's facilities (under minimun order).
Furthermore, you will find more than 3000 items in stock in our online shop ready for shipment within 24 hours from Spain.


Brand Printing Customization Service (OEM)

We offer hardware with your own brand from the factory and full customization possibilities including the packaging. (Subject to minimum orders).

International Tenders & IT Projects

We have a solid experience participating in national and international tenders, from those issued by public bodies like UN, The World Bank, EU, to entire private projects.

Full Purchasing Management & Monitoring

We have the structure and proper resources to provide the international purchase monitoring service, with quality controls at source and evaluation of the order prior to shipment or payment.

Direct Hardware Purchase From The Mill

Our preferential arrangements with leading manufacturers give us the capability to offer a door-to-door service. From the mill to the customer facilities.

R+D Factory Product

The key to success in IT leading companies is to innovate on existing products to obtain an unique and distinct one that generate them a differential value in their market positioning.

New Products Design - Technology on Demand

Sharoj.com provides its customers with Asia productive capacity to create new products designed by them, not just at aesthetic level but also technological.


  • Lily Camera: El drone que te sigue a donde vayas
    Al contrario que otros drones diseñados solo para volar, Lily Camera se centra en su objetivo. Este dispositivo se define como una cámara-drone que no requiere de una persona para...
  • Bluetooth mouse
    These two smart and original new bluetooth mouse models are two of our recommendations to those who like small, handy and easy to carry mice.  ...
  • Un paso más hacia los ordenadores que imitan la función del cerebro
    "Un equipo de investigadores de la Universidad de Northwestern, en Estados Unidos, ha utilizado un material prometedor para construir memristores más funcionales, lo que supone un gran paso hacia la...


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